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CREAM OF THE CROP: Did you know that four out of 10 college grads who complete an internship don’t have to job search because their paid internships become full-time career positions? Therefore, businesses that don’t hire interns will never see this 40% that are the cream of the crop.

EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Interns who become full-time employees tend to stay longer with the company where they interned compared to employees hired without interning first. Interns have a nearly 25% greater retention rate after five years when compared to outside hires. This means more productivity, less downtime, less training time, less drain on energy and resources.

TEST-DRIVE: The best way to evaluate a potential employee is through an internship. An intern can provide an organization with fresh energy and an out-of-the-box approach with less potential risk. Employers offer full-time positions to more than half of the students who complete an internship with the company.

INSPIRE YOUR BEST THINKERS: Interns bring fresh ideas. Also, they can work with or free up the valuable time of your best employees, enabling more creative thinking for exploring potentially lucrative new territory.